• SVN and Git Integration

    SVN and Git Integration

    QC has built-in integration with the two most popular cloud repositories – BeanStalk and GitHub. Changesets are automatically linked up to each ticket for complete visibility into the code check in.

  • Share Documents & Images

    Share Documents & Images

    Keep everything related to each ticket all in one place. Attach documents or images directly to tickets so anyone on your team can easily find them. No more having to search through emails.

  • Own Your Data

    Own Your Data

    Unlike hosted ticketing systems, you own and control your project data. There’s no monthly fee and it’s easy to export it into an XML file if you ever need to move the data.

  • Self-Hosted Benefits

    Self-Hosted Benefits

    The cloud is great and all but it comes with some downsides. Bring your easy-to-manage ticketing system in-house and stop sending SEO link juice to the cloud. You’ll also look more professional running your own ticketing system.

  • Innovation and Updates

    Innovation and Updates

    Our products continue to evolve with new features all the time. We work closely with our customers to make sure we deliver the most requested features. Happiness

  • Unlimited Project Support

    Unlimited Project Support

    Using WordPress Multi-site, you can easily spin off new projects and setup different user groups to control project access. There’s no limit on the number of projects you can setup.

  • Unlimited User Accounts

    Unlimited User Accounts

    Whether you’re a small company or a large team, QC is the perfect ticket tracking solution. You can restrict access on a per-project basis or open it up to the public.

  • Define Project Goals

    Define Project Goals

    Milestones allow you to group together tickets so you can hit your scheduled release dates. The milestone page keeps everything in one place so you can see who’s responsible for each ticket, the current status, and anything outstanding.

  • Collaborate on Tickets

    Collaborate on Tickets

    Keep notes and exchange messages on each ticket until it’s been resolved. You can even update the ticket properties or upload a new attachment.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Multi-Language Support

    Use our products in your native language. They are built using the de-facto WordPress GNU gettext localization framework which means it’s easy to drop in a new language file without touching any code. Free language packs are also available for several languages.

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